No. 740

No. 740

No. 703 - Pt1

No. 703 – Pt1

South Granville Designer pair – Pt 1.  Head-to-toe Chanel meets Dior.  Youthful designer style.  See the following individual posts for the details.

No. 703 - Pt2

No. 703 – Pt2

South Granville Designer pair – Pt 2.  Head-to-toe Chanel.  Classic designer meets modern texture.  Every detail a subtle nod to Chanel.  Even the floral heels have a small, elegant silver logo pinned on the toe.  The two-toned silk dress is timeless.  The gold charm chain belt a pretty touch.

No. 703 - Pt3

No. 703 – Pt3

South Granville Designer pair – Pt 3.  Christian Dior two-tone jacket over sleek and bold red silk paired with perfect denim and leather croc high-tops.  Impeccable urban wear.

No. 679

No. 679

New York | New York In New York, unlike Vancouver, running around town does not require head-to-toe active-wear.